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Equipping Law Enforcement Officers with the skills to bring about better outcomes in use of force situations.


Whilst it is recognised and accepted by law enforcement officers that the need to use force is an integral part of the job, never has exercising use of force been under more scrutiny by society than today. Law enforcement officers actions have been circulated around the digital world within seconds of their occurrence providing an often-one-sided, but highly impactive view of the incident. Subsequently, officer accountability has been questioned and on occasion, unfortunately found wanting.

It is therefore essential that law enforcement officers not only exercise the use of force in a necessary, proportionate and justifiable manner, but also have the knowledge to explain those actions in a clear and transparent manner.

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“It is essential that police officers, and key officials who will be second guessing their actions and their statements, have a basic understanding of what officers should be able to recall.   These individuals need to understand, that expecting an officer involved in an incident to have perfect and totally accurate recall, including an officer involved shooting, is not realistic. In fact, this basic premise applies to virtually all humans in all situations. The fact that people are almost never capable of total and perfect recall of an event is agreed on by all memory researchers as a perusal of any basic textbook on memory will confirm”.

(Dr. Alexis Artwohl is a retired clinical and police psychologist who provided traumatic incident debriefings to numerous public safety personnel and citizens in the Pacific Northwest. She co-authored two books with Loren Christensen, published research in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and the Law Enforcement Executive Forum, contributed chapters to books, and authored magazine articles. She has provided training to law enforcement since 1990 and applies the lessons learned from police combat to CCW training as well)


Some of our Customers...

Our modular training delivered both online and in person has been designed by experts who have served in some of the most divided communities in the world such as Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa. Importantly, they have both the academic and operational experience to make positive changes for officers and the communities they serve. Their work has seen the reduction of fatal encounters and increased officer retention by equipping officers with the skills required to assess threats using observation and communication models, thereby reducing or removing the threat. However, should force be necessary the training equips officers with innovative operational tactics and knowledge to explain their actions in a professional and articulate manner showing a flexible, graduated, proportionate, necessary and justifiable response to the threat faced at the time.

What will training cover?

Gathering the correct information before, during and after an incident.

(The information the law enforcement officer gathers using our model equips them to more accurately assess the threat faced).

Assessing the Threat.

(Officer’s will be enabled to accurately assess the threat and decide on the correct tactical option to reduce or remove the threat).

Physiological and psychological effects of violent behaviour on subjects and law enforcement officers.

(Law enforcement officers need to know how high stress incidents can not only affect a subjects physical and psychological behaviour but also theirs).

De-escalation models & Communication skills.

(Using these models during an incident law enforcement officers will be able to demonstrate they have used a graduated and flexible response before using force).

Tactical options.

(The law enforcement officer will be able to explain their choice of tactical option in relation to the threat faced).


Accountability of use of force

(Having completed this course law enforcement officers will be able to articulate in fine detail their use of force)


This course is modular and designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of serving officers but is of equal value to newly appointed officers.

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