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The Dark Web: What it is and why you need to know about it!

What is the Dark Web used for?

When you think about the Dark Web, what do you picture? Is it a faceless criminal tapping away on their keyboard in a dark basement somewhere?   Well, I wouldn’t blame you if you did! TV shows, movies, news reports mainly paint a picture of the Dark Web as the seedy underbelly of the internet.

While it is no longer a secret that the Dark web is a place for criminal activity, with rapidly increasing amounts of goods and services being sold on illegal sites such as drugs, weapons, hitmen, human organs, and even fake COVID-19 cures.  The Dark web is also used for positive purposes. It can give you access to further research material such as current news from around the world without any filtering, or censorship from the government, and the anonymity of the dark web can give a voice to those living under oppressive or restrictive regimes – potentially facing persecution for their opinions.  

What exactly is the Dark Web?

The Open Web is the part of the Internet readily available to the public and searchable with standard web search engines such as Google.  However, it is estimated that this covers only 4-5% of the total web content.  The rest of the content is found in the Deep Web which is not indexed by search engines.  A small part of the Deep Web is known as the Dark Web which can only be accessed by using specific software such as TOR.

Why do I need to know about the Dark Web?

Although it is great to know that there are positive uses for the Dark web, it is unfortunately more frequently used for odious purposes. One of the most concerning facts is that you don’t necessarily need to be a user of the Dark web to be a victim of the criminals that use it. We are increasingly seeing more and more information being stolen in data breaches, and it is almost guaranteed that this data will subsequently end up for sale on the dark web. This could easily happen to you for doing something as little as using the same password across multiple accounts, potentially causing an even wider breach of an entire organization.

Companies of all sizes are at increasing risk of data breaches and when that happens, criminals can use the company’s stolen data for a number of fraud schemes, such as business email compromise, invoice fraud, and employment fraud. What is even more concerning is that, very often, companies don’t know that they have been hacked until long after the damage has been done. Damage which could cost your company millions of pounds!


It is critical that organizations, analysts, and investigators learn about the dark web, how to safely navigate it and how to discover if there is any information being exchanged or discussed that relates directly to them. Stolen material can quickly change hands and be used to take over accounts. However, achieving the level of visibility into dark web transactions required for such detection is far easier said than done.

Here at Kapsuun Group Training, we can give you all the tools and techniques you require to navigate the Dark Web safely and securely.  Kapsuun Group Training has partnered with Ulster University and designed an accredited Level 4 course on the Dark Web.

Upon completion, you will receive a certification in Dark Web and will have gained knowledge that could critically improve your online safety and that of your organization.


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Rachael Davidson

Training & Marketing Consultant

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