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Kapsuun Group, LLC (KG) is small-medium sized enterprise established in 2014.  Licensed to operate in Colombia, KG offers professional services, law enforcement and open source intelligence (OSINT) training, aviation security and aerial surveillance.  KG has more then 100 employees and 18 prime contracts operating across the United States of America (USA), Europe and the Middle East.

Professional Services


KG provides numerous services in support of the United States Department of Defense, including business operations, engineering, administrative support, and aviation operations.  Our Subject Matter Experts contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies, and practices. Our Analysts support quantitative and qualitative analysis, evaluations, comprehensive training programs, and perform program performance oversight.  Our skilled administrative practitioners deliver higher level office support, providing specialized assistance for a managerial or logistic functions such as accounting, budgeting, travel or general administration. KG’s engineering experts develop and edit work scopes, manage schedules and budgets, coordinate resources, and verify the completion of reviews and approvals for a wide range of major projects.


Some of our Customers...

Excellence in Training

University accredited courses

Our courses afford Professional investigators the opportunity to continually develop their skills to succeed in a challenge-laden environment in which they are tasked to gather actionable information / intelligence to assist them in bringing about successful prosecutions. Three powerful investigative techniques which often pose jurisdictional and security challenges, but can also reap great investigative reward if practiced correctly are:


  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Dark Web investigation (DW)
  • Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Crypto


Our Internationally recognized University accredited courses can be taken individually and when students have completed three courses lead to a further university award of a certificate in professional development.


  • John Soper, President,
  • Matt O’Hanlon – Vice President, matt.o’
  • Ryan Ferguson, Sr. Director of Operations,
  • Paul Hillis, Director of Training,
  • Tamara Himmelberger, Sr. Director of Business Development,
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